It’s time to light up your photography by using Sony’s flashguns. Flash enables quick and powerful illumination, to light up darkened areas or even to smooth out the shadows. The expensive flash guns have motorized zoom mechanisms where they can adjust with the zoom settings. Using a wireless flash on your camera lightens up the images to capture professional-quality pictures. It can also illuminate the objects from a distance thereby producing quality results. There are plenty of choices available to invest in-camera flash. This article will help you to choose the best flash for Sony A7RIV that is within your reach.

Best Flash for Sony A7R IV Reviews


Sony HVL-F45RM Compact, Radio-Controlled Gn 45 Camera Flash

This is a compact device and overall has the best flash for Sony. It has wireless radio communication which enables it to support professional shooting and multi-flash photography. It is also ideal for creative lighting as it has multiple flashes.

It is also flexible with the outer environment and is a good choice for Sony mirrorless cameras. The settings can be altered quickly and it comes with customizable features. The bounce head is ideal for flexible lighting. The compact size has inbuilt dust and moisture-resistant features. To provide brightness while shooting, it can rotate up to 360 degrees and tilt upward and downward. The zoom range is 24 to 105 mm and it can tilt from 8 to 150 degrees. The built-in LED lamp is best for video recording.

Sony External Flash with Wireless Radio Control Camera Flash

It is stronger than HVL-F45RM. The photographers can produce a portable lighting setup and it is equipped with a 2.4GHz built-in radio transceiver. It supports Sony’s receivers and radio commanders. It has overheating protection and works more consistently. It has access to about 14 channels and works with 15 flashes.

The key features include quick shift bounce, LED light, wireless TTL Ration, and a zoom range of 20-20 mm, it is also compatible with Sony ADI/P-TTL. It is friendly to be used in harsh climates as it is designed to resist moisture and dust. It also has quick Navi control over certain commonly accessed settings.

Sony External Flash with Wireless Remote Control

The device comes in a compact size, and the flash unit uses face detection. It is particularly designed to offer reliable performance and to meet the requirements of the professionals. The work won’t be interrupted with its optimized light distribution and amazing performance. It also has multi-flash radio control and stable wireless communication. It has a zoom range of 24 to 50 mm. It can perfectly balance the light output.

The extensive weather sealing is ideal to be used in any weather conditions including outdoor shoots and challenging outdoor environments. The light ratio, flash compensation, and parameters can be controlled, but it does not have a swivel mechanism.

Sony HVL-F32M TTL External Flash alpha7 Series Cameras

The device has multiple useful features like the weather-sealed build. It has enormous versatility that comes with a swivel head and with the bounce. It has onboard controls, easy adjustments can be made. The high-speed sync mode enables it to shoot with greater output. The external flash has good brightness, one with a compact size and lightweight.

It is compatible with Sony ADI/P-TTL and tilts from -8 to 90 degrees. It has an LCD panel and comes with water and dust resistance. It works using 2AA batteries. It is good for mirrorless cameras and also for small DSLRs. Multiple flash units can be set for complex lighting. It also has a mini stand, a terminal protector cap, and a carrying case.

Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash Speedlite Flash for Sony Camera

This comes as a significant 76Ws output having a unique design with advanced features like auto zoom control, built-in LED modeling lamp, 2.4 GHz wireless X- system transmitter, round flash head design, rechargeable-Ion battery, HSS support, magnetic light modifier attachment, etc.

The round head of the flash emits light similar to the studio strobe. The batteries are rechargeable and long-lasting. It can be used off-camera and even as a wireless remote as it has a built-in wireless radio. It also has features that are impressive and useful in events like weddings, architecture shootings, etc as it produces fascinating light patterns and delivers a softer light spread. It can be positioned from -7 degrees to 120 degrees.

Guide to Choose the Best Flash for Sony A7R IV

Best Flash for Sony A7R IV

 Before buying a flash for Sony A7R IV, here are some of the things that you must consider.

  • The presence of high resolution is essential as it enables the camera to accomplish the task of capturing even the minute details and controlling the noise.
  • The outstanding autofocus system and exposure enable continuous shooting. It works even when shooting videos and stills.
  • Stabilization is designed for enabling shutter speeds, it can also enable pixel shift multi shooting.
  • It should be designed well with the comfort of the users in handling. The weather-resistant and durability is an added advantage.
  • The presence of magnesium alloy helps the device to be lightweight.
  • The mini joystick control makes it easier to identify the device in the viewfinder
  • It should have an excellent image stabilization
  • Natural color balance to control and match the temperature while shooting


Without a doubt, the Sony A7RIV is the best camera as it has good resolution. In this article, we have seen some of the best flashes for Sony A7RIV. The flashes assist the users to improve in their shooting performance, automatically white balance, flash control, etc. The wireless radio can control up to 15 flashes. We have also seen the short product reviews for the flashes and the buying guide to assist you in making the right purchase within your budget.